About us

I am feeling proud and respected on the opportunity to contribute to the family of all UP Rural Bank, a leading regional rural bank, my favorite partner of UP UP Rural Bank. As a result of its stringent labor, strategy and meaningful efforts, this institution is in its present form today. I greet everyone on the achievement of immense success due to my efforts. You have nurtured this institution with passion and passion. My dear friends, I am feeling proud of myself on the occasion of working with a highly qualified and dedicated team.
I am fully convinced that we will be able to achieve our goals smoothly while walking along and our journey will be attractive and pleasant. It will be necessary to meet the demands of the present times that we recognize immense possibilities and ensure the flow of our energy in the right direction.By working with the right people, sometimes simple things can also be made extraordinary. With full confidence, I expect from all of you that in the last few years, you will continue to maintain your high level of dedication towards this institution and give me your support. Before his contribution, I was giving my services to a powerful brand "Punjab National Bank". Now I urge you to try "soupgb" to establish itself as a powerful brand in all our verticals. During the last three years, almost all the goals have been achieved by you, but in order to maintain our existence, we have to be working every day and to move forward in such a competitive banking environment,When new competitors like "small bank" and "payment bank" are coming into the market with high technology. We have to empower our dedication to achieve the goals of our organization. We have to focus on new customer classes and services. Availability of short-term market access in the banking sector is ending and we are entering into a more competitive environment. All the banks in the market are employed with almost the same type of products and partially differentiated products. In this arrangement, we can benefit from better presentation of banking products. In order to increase the base deposit, we will have to open more and more savings accounts of new customers. It would be advisable that every branch would open minimum 100 savings accounts each month, which would increase the present contribution of the bank by 70% by exploiting the potential available in the area. Most of our advances in the division K.C. ; Short-term loans. We are looking at agricultural investment loans, SMEs And also to find out the best possible potential for loans in the retail sector. I hope that good presentation policy and excellent debt execution system will provide us a better opportunity compared to our competitors.To keep our organization profitable and empowering, we have to pay more attention to our assets. To maintain our assets in the productive / earning category, we have to make a very strategic endeavor at all levels. Our continuous communication will strengthen our engagement with the borrowers and the bank will get more profits. I request you to keep constant contact with all the buyers and keep them aware of the amount due to them. Our irregular accounts are the topics that we pay attention to. Intensive monitoring of each loan account is essential. By effective communication for recovery, we can bring the current non-performing assets to the lowest level. In order to provide better services to the customers, the specific needs of each customer have to be kept in mind and the improvement in services and better execution system, to fulfill their personal needs, is the key through which we can compete successfully with our counterparts. Friends, always keep in mind that excellence or excellence is not achieved suddenly, it is the result of high thinking, true efforts, scholarly direction and efficient performance. I hope our customer based system will provide us better collection of deposits, debt execution and recovery in irregular and non-performing accounts. Thank you very much ! God bless you and your family.

with the best wishes !

Yours faithfully

(Anil Kumar Sharma)